Clarity Deep Dive

When you're struggling to make a decision between different options or simply aren't sure what the next level or even next step needs to be, this session could break things open for you.

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When you're struggling to see...

If you're struggling with clarity with any part of your business and need to just break through the wall, a clarity deep dive can be just what is needed. 

  • Perhaps you've been thinking and journaling and even talking with others and just can't get a clear picture of what's next;
  • Or, you thought you had clarity but things aren't working out the way you expected and you're not seeing the results and can't figure out why;
  • Or, you've boiled things down to a couple of options and can't decide between them;
  • Or, lastly, you've gotten so many mixed opinions that you're not sure who to trust and need someone who is completely without bias to weigh in

In situations like this, our energy gets stuck. When our energy gets stuck, then activity, gets stuck. When activity gets stuck, it's almost impossible to manifest the success you want. Often, we're too close to the situation to figure it out ourselves. Also, those who already know us well and have their own pre-conceived ideas of what we should be doing can be biased in their recommendations to us.

SOMETIMES you need a clean third-party who has no baggage of who you are, what you've done, and what you've said you're going to do to help you see what's hidden. 

What You Get

A Clarity Deep Dive is focused on one issue. We work together to get clarity. I have a natural gift of seeing all sides and questioning that will help pull what's important out of you into the light so that you can discern what's really true for you. Additionally I am able to see options that may not have been considered or places where you're blocked.

90 Minute Zoom

90 minutes provides ample time to both share what's going on, brainstorm solutions, and identify exercises and next steps.


The Zoom will be recorded and transcribed so that you have the information for review. The ideas are saved and not lost.


Based on your issue and what we uncover, I will recommend personalized exercises to help you further the work on your own.

Email Support

After the session, I will support you for two weeks via email as you begin to take action on the issue discussed in the clarity deep dive.

Card Pull

If so inclined, I will provide a 3-card Oracle Deck card reading around the issue. The details will be emailed to you after our session.

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simple and easy.

See How Easily You Can Step Out of the DARK and into the LIGHT?

They Say

She knows how to stretch me to integrate new ideas into my business model.


She brings a wealth of knowledge and offers a unique perspective on approaching common issues or challenges.


She has the unique ability to provide clarity in a direct and caring way that energizes others to get whatever is needed done.


She was clear and focused on my passions and direction while providing data, processes, and focus on my business trajectory.


Meet Crystal

Crystal Thies is an entrepreneur through-and-through. Her path has not been direct and to many – and often her – it hasn’t appeared clear. BUT it’s led her to the place she’s meant to be… helping others seize clarity.

She’s been a financial advisor, non-profit administrator, fundraiser and non-profit marketer, financial advisor (again), and ultimately set off on her own to create a business that made her one of the first and leading social media experts in LinkedIn specializing in helping entrepreneurs, sales people, and financial advisors leverage LinkedIn for sales and business development.

She is the co-author of the first-ever book on social media for financial advisors that was published by Bloomberg Press in 2012.

She was given the name LinkedIn Ninja and wore it proudly for more than 12 years.

However, no matter how powerful LinkedIn and other online marketing platforms are, if people are not clear on their foundation – crystal clear – they will never have success.

So, she has created Crystal Clear Cz (pronounced seize) to help entrepreneurs seize clarity. Clarity of brand. Clarity of message. Clarity of target market. Clarity of offers. Clarity of business models.

And, for those courageous enough, clarity of self. Because if you are not crystal clear on who you are and how you operate, you’ll never create a successful business.

As an entrepreneur coach, she helps her clients find the clarity themselves but also leverages her special powers of insight to share  the clarity that she sees allowing them to seize the clarity that resonates as true.


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