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Are you struggling with your business because you lack clarity?

Maybe clarity with your brand? Or, clarity with your message? Or, clarity with your target market? Or, clarity with your offers and packages? Or, clarity with the best way to market your services on your budget? Or, clarity with your business model?

If that’s the case, then we should talk!

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Here’s what people are saying

I've been working with Crystal as my business coach for 3 years as the sole leader of the coaching group and previously for an additional 5 years as co-leader of the group of entrepreneur business owners, like myself. I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with30 years of experience. I have an old-school mentality and that has held me back from reaching my goals. Crystal has guided me into using technology to build my clientele and helps me connect more consistently and authentically with my clients.

Crystal has a keen sense of knowing each unique person she shares time with. Through her intuition, skilled ability to ask deep, strategic questions, Crystal has helped me identify internal blocks within myself and effectively address them. Crystal has a vast knowledge of innovative business practices, and she has helped me implement the most effective ones to meet my unique needs and simultaneously, my client’s needs. She genuinely cares about me, and I trust her implicitly to have my best interest at heart when she makes suggestions to further grow my business.

I have gone through periods of being stuck and Crystal always asks me intriguing questions that help me reveal my truth. She guides me through discernment processes to determine realistic, actionable baby steps I can take to smoothly have breakthroughs in my business productivity.

She generously shares her knowledge of best business methods that fit my genuine needs. Crystal continuously reads and researches a lot about the newest products entering the marketplace. She collaborates with her many colleagues and other professionals in the industry to understand the usefulness of these time-saving products.

From working with Crystal, I have increased my income, time management skills and practices and enhanced my ability to serve my client’s needs in an extraordinary way. She knows how to stretch me to integrate new ideas into my business model. And when tobalance letting me further grow into my potential. I credit Crystal with much of the success I am and have been having.

Mary kacaba
Helping Re-Engineer the Subconscious Minds of Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Finally Make Lasting Change to Reach Their Goals

Crystal Clear Cz

Be the first to learn how Crystal evolves Crystal Clear Cz and get tips on how to seize clarity in your own life.

Crystal Thies is an entrepreneur through-and-through. Her path has not been direct and to many – and often her – it hasn’t appeared clear. BUT it’s led her to the place she’s meant to be… helping others seize clarity.

She’s been a financial advisor, non-profit administrator, fundraiser and non-profit marketer, financial advisor (again), and ultimately set off on her own to create a business that made her one of the first and leading social media experts in LinkedIn specializing in helping entrepreneurs, sales people, and financial advisors leverage LinkedIn for sales and business development.

She is the co-author of the first-ever book on social media for financial advisors that was published by Bloomberg Press in 2012.

She was given the name LinkedIn Ninja and wore it proudly for more than 12 years.

However, no matter how powerful LinkedIn and other online marketing platforms are, if people are not clear on their foundation – crystal clear – they will never have success.

So, she has created Crystal Clear Cz (pronounced seize) to help entrepreneurs seize clarity. Clarity of brand. Clarity of message. Clarity of target market. Clarity of offers. Clarity of business models.

And, for those courageous enough, clarity of self. Because if you are not crystal clear on who you are and how you operate, you’ll never create a successful business.

As a coachsultant, she helps her clients find the clarity themselves but also leverages her special powers of insight to share the clarity that she sees allowing them to seize the clarity that resonates as true.

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