We’ve all heard the saying, Mindset is Everything! But is it really?

Have you ever gone through a process of creating something new or growing and stretching out of your comfort zone by focusing on the mindset, but it’s still not working out as you expected?

It appears that you’re doing it right. You’re saying the “right” things to yourself and others. You may be meditating to put yourself in that positive mindset or journaling your affirmations or saying them to yourself in the mirror or you may have them on sticky notes all over the place. Maybe you’ve even created a vision board.

You’re telling the universe what you want and you’re taking positive action, so why aren’t you getting it?

Here’s the question I have for you…

Are you approaching your mindset with ONLY your mind?

What?!? “Mind” is part of the word, so why wouldn’t you approach your mindset with your mind?

This is not a trick question and something that got me into trouble A LOT! I’ve worshipped the 3 pounds of goo in my skull. I’ve stayed on a diet to make it more powerful, though I wouldn’t stay on the same for just my body.

Here’s the thing, your mind isn’t just your brain. Your mind represents your knowing and your knowing comes from your brain, heart, and gut.

You have your conscious mindset that you easily see and control, but you also have a subconscious mindset that can be very hard to recognize. If your conscious and subconscious mindsets aren’t aligned, then your subconscious mindset is going to be in charge.

The presence of self-sabotage, self-doubt, hesitancy, inaction, half-assing, and any other negative adverbs are evidence that your subconscious mindset is very different than that which you’ve been trying to cultivate in your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mindset is the mindset that is EVERYTHING. This isn’t a fake it until you make it mindset. This is a deep-rooted mindset throughout your entire being that you don’t just think but you feel in every cell in your body and know in the center of your gut.

It is a Mandalorian Mindset! THIS IS THE WAY!

Do you have a Mandalorian Mindset?


Here’s how you test your Mandalorian Mindset.

Step 1: Find a quiet place to sit.

Step 2: State the truths behind the mindset you’re trying to establish out loud. You need to hear them.

Example: I am a successful entrepreneur who is able to attract perfect clients who are willing and able to pay the prices I’ve set for my services.

Step 3: Exclaim out loud: THIS IS THE WAY!

Step 4: Listen and feel how your body responds. Does your being respond with a resounding, “YES!”

OR… Is there resistance? Does the voice in your head remind you of exceptions by giving you a “but”? Or a “not yet”? Are there feelings of doubt? Or negative emotions? Or questions of self-worth?

If the result is the second option, then you need to uncover what’s behind the resistance or fear that is keeping you from accepting the mindset and fully embodying it. Then you need to reframe it.

OR, maybe it’s not the right direction for you.

But you will never find success by trying to force a mindset that the rest of your body doesn’t believe.

If that’s you, that’s something I can help you with.

I’m offering a gratis clarity session to entrepreneurs who are trying to find their way. Comment or DM me on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to tell you how to claim it.

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